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Houston Appellate Attorney, Richard Edelman, is also a Former Appellate Judge

My over thirty-seven years of legal and appellate experience includes nearly thirteen years spent as a Justice on the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Houston.  I can therefore offer not only a broad knowledge of the law, well-developed research and writing capabilities, and effective oral argument skills, but also the unique insights I gained from sitting on the other side of the bench.

I am dedicated to achieving favorable judicial outcomes efficiently, whether by court decision or settlement.  If you’re case hasn’t yet gone to trial, I can work with the trial lawyer to set the case up for a successful appeal by helping prepare the jury charge or findings of fact and conclusions of law, as well as other pre-trial matters.  During trial, I can help assure that appellate complaints are preserved, help monitor that evidence needed to prove the case has been introduced, and help argue legal points to the court, including objections to the opponent’s proposed jury charge.  After trial, I can help draft post-trial motions or responses to complete the necessary predicate for an effective appeal.

Whether or not I’ve assisted during the trial, if the judgment is adverse, I can evaluate the case to identify viable grounds for reversal, advise you on the merits of those grounds, and, if warranted, present those grounds persuasively in briefs and oral arguments in the appellate courts.  Conversely, if the trial court’s judgment is favorable, I can vigorously defend it against the other side’s attempt to reverse it on appeal.

Although my $300.00 hourly fee is well below that of most lawyers with my credentials, I also set maximum amounts for each phase of the work so the client isn’t asked to write a blank check.

If you’d like to schedule a free meeting to discuss a game plan for your appeal, please contact me online.


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